Pamela Barbieri (Bunny). Freelance Illustrator. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Anonymous asked: May I inquire about your coloring technique? It is lovely! Do you use the selection tool and brushes? Or perhaps the pen tool? Your work is so crisp and clean but the colors look painted. It is so lovely! (Do you use PS or Illustrator?)

Hey Anon! After doing the sketch I usually make a mask with some Photoshop brushes… And then just paint each part in a separate layer… Really not a big epic secret or anything like that. But I really like how things turn out by using this method… 

meghanseven asked: Hello! I am new on Tumblr. I have no particular questions, it is just for telling you that I found your page and I am totally a fan of your art! It is so cute and fresh ! a universe which pleases me a lot. I would follow you from today. All the best! (^O^☆♪ Meghan, A rabbit which wears glasses.

Thanks so much Meghan! You have just put a big big BIG smile in my face! your words are simply truly encouraging! 

beep-boop-beep-beep asked: I just found your page and your work is very very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing with us :)

Hey! Thank YOU for your wonderful and lovely words! 

Hey Guys! Some time ago the super talented artist Jerrod Muruyama  asked me to participate in the amazing Pixar Times Site… And, of course, I said YES! (It’s Pixar… YAY!)

So here is the result… A little mash-up with some characters that I love… What do you think about it? 

angelmercury asked: Will you be putting your other Sailor Moon pieces up on Society6 as well? They look really great, cute, and colorful. I'd love to eventually have a set of them to hang together. Your work is so cute, I love it all :)

Yes! Sailor Moon and Mercury are just available in my Society 6! I’ll upload the rest as soon as I finish drawing them!!! BTW, Thanks so much for the lovely words! :) 

I really want to make the whole Sailor and Pokemon Series… Hoping to have some free time soon… But for the time being let me tell you all that I’ve just uploaded this little one in my Society 6!

6000 Followers? Thanks so much everyone! I wanna hug you all… But as I can’t here is a little piece for you all! Hope you truly like it! 

6000 Followers? Thanks so much everyone! I wanna hug you all… But as I can’t here is a little piece for you all! Hope you truly like it! 

Guys! I have some GREAT News! I’m Officially part of Lemonade, an amazing illustration Agency that works with talented illustrators from all over the world! And believe me when I said that it was only possible thanks to your support! When I opened this Tumblr 3 years ago illustration was just a hobby. But as I started uploading stuff and receiving constructive comments and warming messages, I’ve decided to put my heart and soul in what I truly love and believe! And as you can see dreams do come true! Hope this works as an encouraging message to everyone out there! Work hard, believe in yourself and never stop dreaming! 

rejoicingpeasants asked: Everytime I see your art in my newsfeed, I automatically feel uplifted. I go through funks- I cannot fathom creating anything and I feel totally useless. But then I'll see your art and the step-by-step gifs and I'll feel so much better. It is truly inspirational to know that someone as talented as you can make something that begins as a stick-figure so colorful and cheerful. I have a similar process with my art and I thank you so much for giving me hope- one day my art can be as wonderful! TY.

Sweetie, first of all, thanks THANKS a lot for your lovely words. They truly mean the world to me… In second place, let me tell you (Although you probably know it) that drawing is a hard process, it takes time and tons of practice but even how hard it may seem you never NEVER have to think that you’re useless! I truly believe that if you put your heart and soul in what you love, amazing results will eventually happen! So keep on working hard and giving your best!… And turn those stick-figures in wonderful pieces!   

comingfromthefiction asked: hola! estaba viendo tu blog y me acabo de dar cuenta que sos de argentina (como yo)! a mí me encanta la ilustración y el dibujo y todo lo relacionado y quería saber si fuiste a algún colegio de arte o aprendiste sola porque no veo tanta gente buena en el arte a tu nivel y que sea de acá o simplemente soy una ignorante y hay un montón de artistas... me contactaba por eso y para decirte que me encanta todo lo que hacés! :)

Ey! Como va? Primero que nada… Es genial encontrar gente de Argentina por Tumblr (Igual hay, pero están más escondidos que Wally…) En cuanto al tema del estudio. No, no tome clases de dibujo (Aunque no vendrían mal) Durante un par de años cursé Diseño Gráfico en la FADU, pero llegué a un punto en el que era mayor el tiempo que pasaba dibujando que prestando atención… Así que tomé la decisión de volcarme finalmente a lo que verdaderamente me gustaba. En cuanto a los ilustradores argentinos, hay millones! Yo particularmente soy una mega fan de: Quino (EL  SEÑOR DIBUJANTE), Breccia, Alcatena, Altuna, Ale Lunik, Liniers, Lucas Bustos, Poly Bernatene, Zweig, etc… Hay una página que se llama ilustradores Argentinos que tiene una lista gigante, (Viene bien para conocer más gente e inspirarse!) :)  

I had some free time and decided to do this I say pin-up, you say request! Had such a great time! Thanks a lot aninvincibledesign

Anonymous asked: Can I make you a request? Could you draw YOUR version of older CCS Sakura and Shaoran? Pretty please?



well i tried

Hell yeah!